Saturday, 16 March 2013

Maybelline coloroma nail paint in GABRIELE

Hey everyone!

During my recent shopping, i got my first red nail paint from Maybelline Coloroma - GABRIELE . I do not own a single blood red shade and often lean more towards pinks and peaches. Read on to know if this has become my favorite red nail paint or not.

What Maybelline says: 

       Why You’ll Love It 
  • High-gloss nail color with 5 day wear! 
  • Combine a visually stunning palette of pigments, pearls and glitters 
  • It’s the ultimate accessory that transforms your look from day to night, fun to funky and classic to daring…in a flash!   
My experience with it: This is a cream finish and has no glitter in it. I love the shade and the way it instantly brightens up my hands. One coat gives a sheer finish and two coats give a decent opaque coverage. I have worn two coats in the pictures.

I love the quality of the brush, which gives an even coating of the polish and a non streaky finish. The first coat dries off within two minutes, but the second coat takes a while to dry. And one needs to be careful enough after applying the second coat to avoid any impressions on the nails, and i often end up with either finger prints or fabric impressions.

The only thing that i hate about this nail paint is that it chips off within a day on my nails! I tend to wash my hands quite frequently and also do some household chores and this nail paint failed to survive through those! In fact i noticed that the first chipping happens when i have bath the next day :( (i usually apply nailpaints before hitting the bed), which is pretty fast.

Price: The price has been increased from Rs.80 to Rs.100 for 8ml.

The good:
1. Gives a glossy and smooth finish.
2. Does not give a streaky finish.
3. Instantly brightens my hands.
4. Affordable price.
5. Good quality brush.
6. Has some good variety of shades to choose from.

The not so good:
1. The second coat takes a while to dry.
2. Chips within a day.

Final word: This is a decent nail paint to start with and quite affordable too. If you can put up with the chipping or if you can avoid the frequent hand washes, then go ahead and give it a try. I would rate this 3/5.
I personally will not repurchase this shade, but will look for the exact shade in some other brand.
Suggestions are welcome!

Have a nice day!


  1. It looks good on u dear.... but its really bad dat it chips off within a day...

    I tried Rimmel lipstick we got.... its bit drying... will use few more times and tell my opinion...

    1. Thanks :) Ya i was disappointed :(
      Sure let me know :)

  2. Nice Shade I love Blodd Red always... :) NOTD looks awesome :)

  3. such a gorgeous red.. i must add it to my collection.. i love colorama.. they are good yet affordable.. beautiful NOTD

    1. Yeah it is, this shade was calling out to me from the shelves... Do gt it and share your NOTD.
      Thanks Rajalakshmi :)

  4. I love reds and woow that the shade is so pretty as I just ordered it yesterday :)
    Exactly what i wished it to be!!

    1. wow cool! Ya i totally fell for the shade :)

  5. hey...this is my favourite red colour :)

  6. hey...this is my favourite red colour :)

    1. Am glad so many of you like this shade! Thanks Ray :)