Monday, 4 March 2013

Crazy about books

Hi all!

Today i am going to share with you my all time favourite hobby - Reading books!
I looooooove books, especially fiction novels.

I have read numerous novels till now. I actually started reading fiction novels during 10th standard holidays and have gotten addicted to it till now! I recently realised that i have read so many books and have even forgotten them, and i should do something to keep myself reminded about the books that i read in my life.
So i have decided to add a new feature in my blog : "Carzy about books" where i will be posting reviews of books that i read and the books that i love!
And i am currently reading Danielle Steel's HEARTBEAT and i am loving it so far!
And i just finished reading another Danielle Steel's book "SISTERS"
Will review Sisters in a while!
Hope you guys enjoy the review and will support my new endeavor!
Have a nice day!

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