Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Hi everyone!

As promised here I am with my chocolate pictures. It took me about 15 minutes to take everything out from the refrigerator and arrange them! And i had a tough time in finding space for them in the fridge last night!
Here you go!

Occupied the whole of my bed!

My dad and bro are crazy about this one! It is Nestle's After eight - A chocolate and mint combination.

Kirkland Almond chocolate (almond inside and chocolate outside) and TWIX - I looooooooove TWIX. I would even die for it!

Hershey's Mik chocolate with almond bar! One of the most famous chocolates of all time in the USA.

Hershey's Nuggets! Another one about which am CRAZY. Actually i ate so many of these yesterday that i have not touched a single chocolate since this morning! I was mostly gorging on the "Extra creamy milk chocolate with toffee & almonds" and "Special dark chocolate".

Hershey's KISSES - Almond. Tell me one person who is not in love with these cute mountain shapes delights!

Hershey's KISSES - Milk chocolate.

That is all left from the first kisses milk chocolate packet. Nooooooooooo i dint eat all of them. I was busy eating Nuggets, dad had taken it to his office for distribution :)

So that is my chocolate haul!
Hope you liked it!

Have a nice day!