Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Sunday hair care routine

Hey all!
Ever since i started going to college, Sunday has been a day of pamper for me. I usually spend almost the whole of Sunday morning to take oil bath. Those days oil refers to just coconut oil for me, as i had thick, rough, curly and healthy hair. But i have dandruff and hairfall now due to stress and reasons unknown. So oiling to me now is a mixture of Olive oil, Lavender essential oil, Rosmary essential oil, Gingelly oil. Phew! that was a long list. Olive oil, lavender and rosmary EO help reduce dandruff and the gingelly oil cools the body and conditions the hair. I am actually planning to add avacado oil instead of gingelly oil. Suggestions on this idea is welcome. I mix these oils and heat them and apply on my scalp and hair. I "cover my head" with oil till it literally drips from my hair! I let my hair soak in oil for an hour and then go for shower.
This picture was taken last sunday and the gingelly oil is missing because i had skipped it due to my cold. Gingelly oil cools the body.

I mix 3 tsp olive oil, 3 tsp gingelly oil, 10 drops of rosmary and lavender oils each. 
One thing that i noticed was my hair became extremely soft and bouncy after washing+conditioning! I loved my hair after the wash. I am going to continue oiling or rather dipping my hair in a bowl of oil every week!

Any good remedy for getting rid of dandruff? Please drop your comments!


  1. rosemary is great for dandruff as well :)

    1. Yeah and thanks to you, or else i would have been ignorant about the benefits of essential oils :)
      Am using rosmary oil regularly for a month and i can already see dandruff has decreased or rather it is under control.