Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Vichy NORMADERM tri-active cleanser

Hey everyone!
In continuation with my previous post, here is the Vichy NORMADERM tri-active cleanser review. I wanted to get the NORMADERM gel cleanser and the anti imperfections cream from Health & Glow. The SA said i would get a 10% (or 15% sorry don't remember) off if i shopped for some extra amount. So i got this incredible product just to increase my bill amount to get that discount. And i fell in love with the product the first time i used it.
Vichy says:
Can be used as a mask : Leave the texture on for some minutes until the texture dries, to deeply purify and mattify skin.
Can be used as a scrub : If have micro-beads also offer an exfoliating action
Can be used as a foaming cream : Use just like a cleansing gel to softly purify skin
(make the texture foam with water)


 My experience: This is a light green creamy thick paste with blue micro beads. The first time i used it as a scrub (one would need just two pea sized amount for the entire face and neck) and was left with soft and smooth skin post scrubbing. Next i wanted to use it as a mask (ever seen toothpaste adds on tv? Yeah that is all you will need for applying it as a thick mask!) and let it sit on my face till it dried. It dries to form a smooth chalky layer. I feared it would be difficult to wash and that it would be abrasive on my skin because of its thick consistency. But to my surprise, it washed off as smoothly as possible with a very mild yet effective exfoliation unlike most scratchy scrubs. I would rate it 5/5 just for this feature. It did not scratch any of my acne. Despite being thick it spreads like a dream. It is not quite economical to use it as a wash as one requires a lot of the product to lather. Every time i used this, i felt my skin even and smooth in texture. This small 50 ml tube lasts for a good 4 months on regular usage. I am almost done with the first tube and gonna get the second one! I would suggest to use it as a scrub or a mask.

The only negative thing that i can think of is the way in which the product gets accumulated near the mouth of the tube and dries to form a mess if not wiped off regularly.

Price : Rs.390 for 50 ml.

The good :
1.  Mild and effective scrub.
2. Excellent as a mask and washes off easily.
3. The amount of the product required to scrub the face once is very little.
4. Worth for the price, considering the number of months it lasts.
5. It really is a 3 in 1 product!

The not so good :
1. The way it gets accumulated around the mouth of the tube. But this is such a minor issue, given the product's effectiveness.

Final word: I rate this 4.8/5. A very effective product for oily and acne prone beauties! Go for it girls!

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