Friday, 25 January 2013

Vichy NORMADERM deep cleansing purifying gel

Vichy NORMADERM deep cleansing purifying gel
Hey everyone!
Yeah its Friday!! But that doesn't matter to me, coz i have taken the entire week off to get some personal work done.  And in between here i am, squeezing sometime to update my blog. I know i am pretty irregular with blogging, nevertheless i am struggling to update it at least thrice a week. Now lets jump to the review.
A few months back, i tried the much raved about "Clinique 3 step skin care set" and had a very bad series of breakouts on my chin and jawline areas. It took me a month of trying various products to clear it up. And that was when i discovered my HG face wash - "Vichy NORMADERM deep cleansing purifying gel".

And i am on my second tube :D I looooove this face wash. Its a perfect product for acne prone skin.

Vichy says: Removes dead cells and unclogs pores. Opens pores,cleanses and purifies skin from deep within.

My experience: It is a runny, green colored gel and lathers quite well. It has Salicylic acid to dry out acne and heal them. In fact after starting to use this, i have noticed that my acne heals quicker with almost zero scarring. I have seen the small pimples or bumps on my face to subside and the bigger ones to dry and finally fall off. 

Also the big pimples do not leave scars on my face while falling off. All i have to worry about are the old scars that are on my face right now. So the Salicylic acid in this face wash really works! It makes my face squeaky clean, of course dries my face a bit. But who cares? That can be fixed with a moisturizer! All i need is something to prevent acne and heal it really fast-and this does the job! I love the smell of this product. Actually this face wash along with the Vichy NORMADERM Tri active cleanser worked wonders on my face in reducing the breakout and leaving my face scar less. I love this face wash and it has become my HG face wash and the latter by HG scrub!

Price: Rs.440 for 100 ml.
It is actually worth the price as one tube had last for almost 6 months! The amount that i have showed at the back of my hand is all i need for one wash!

The good:
1. Awesome product for clearing acne, lathers well and cleans the face.
2. Doesn't give a stretchy feeling after using this (it dries my face a tiny bit but does not strip the oils on my face)
3. One tube goes a long way, so it is very economical.
4. It is available online and at all H&G stores.
5. Has a pleasant smell.

The not so good:
1. The only con i could find is the presence of SLS.

Final word: I rate this 5/5. I strongly recommend this product to acne prone girls/ladies out there.


  1. Nice review Shruthi..... I am yet to try anything from this range....

    1. Thanks deepa :) I suggest you try the tri active scrub. Will review that one next!

  2. Nice review :) I like the packaging :)
    I've given you a blog award :) -

    1. Thanks neha!
      And thanks a lot for the blog award!

  3. Very nice review. I bought this today and the first wash left my skin squeaky clean. I wish it had no SLS. I hope to get as much benefited by this product as you :)